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Inspiration and Truth in the Book of Revelation. An Exegetical Comment on the Pontifical Biblical Commission’s Document “Ispirazione e verità della Sacra Scrittura” (2014)

Knut Backhaus


The Book of Revelation confronts its readers with the problem of violence and irrationality, thereby putting at stake its claim to inspiration and truth. In a canonical and pastoral approach, the document of the Pontifical Biblical Commission explains this unruly book as an expression of Christ’s “burning love”. However, Revelation offers its reader a dramatic counter-world, in which neither love nor logic may be learnt but the coping with passion and “tears”. The visionary strategy (1) gives the Christians insights into their own truth, (2) establishes their very own, “heavenly” perspective, (3) meticulously provides them with theocentric knowledge of the purpose of their everyday struggles, (4) transforms them by a dramatic experience of redemption, and (5) lets them encounter Christ in an experience of longing and trust.


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Revelation of John; inspiration; violence in the Bible; dramatic Bible reading; Biblical Pontifical Commission

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The Institute of Biblical Studies, Faculty of Theology, the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland



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