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Dlaczego w relacji Mateusza (21,1-11) Jezus wjeżdżał do Jerozolimy na dwóch osłach? Część 2: Motywy obecności dwojga zwierząt w tekście Mateusza

Adam Kubiś


The article deals with one of the problematic issues found in the Matthean entry narrative (21:1-11), namely the reason(s) for introducing two animals into the account. The article provides an extensive discussion of the possible reasons for the biblical authors configuring the narrative in this way, presenting various allegorical, redactional, naturalistic, and intertextual interpretations. The article proposes that the most likely reason for introducing two animals into the narrative is simply to accurately reflect a real historical event – which in fact involved two donkeys. It is also argued that Matthew, as a theologian, was equally interested in demonstrating the fulfillment of Zec 9:9. Further, his narrative was also imbued with allusions to Mosaic as well as Davidic and Solomonic typologies.


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Mt 21:1-11; donkey; Jesus’ entry narrative; Zec 9:9; Mosaic typology; Davidic typology; Solomonic typology

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The Institute of Biblical Studies, Faculty of Theology, the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland



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