Organizational ties in the structures of public administration as a subject of regulation of administrative law

  • Jan Izdebski
Słowa kluczowe: Organizational ties, Administrative law, Public administration structure


Public administration from the subjective point of view is a set of complex
organizational units. The possibility of proper implementation of public tasks by
individual entities of public administration depends mostly on the organizational
efficiency of public administration offices - human teams supporting public
administration bodies in exercising competences. The efficiency of operations
of individual organizational units, the public administration offices, is conditioned
by the quality of organizational ties present in them. Organizational ties in
organizational units of public administration are, to a large extent, formalized.
It results from the public-law nature of public administration activities and
established administration practices adopted in a given country. The current
increase in requirements as to the quality, efficiency and openness of public
administration activities means that the correct formation of organizational ties
in each organizational unit of public administration can have a significant impact
on the level of implementation of public tasks. A high level of formalization of
the basis of organizational ties in public administration should not be treated as
an obstacle to the effective shaping of modern administrative structures based
on solutions in the private sector. The determined level of formalization of the
structure of organizational units of public administration is to provide those
values that are fundamental for the operation of public administration entities:
the rule of law, equality before the law. The formation of organizational ties
within the framework of the formalization of public administration structures
should be a compromise between the necessary elements giving the basis for
applying uniform principles to the administrated, citizens and solutions aiming
to ensure professionalisation and to improve the quality of public administration
organizational units.


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