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Tom 7 Nr 1 (2022): Intercultural Communication


Information war and mission in profession of a journalist: the evolution of the world view of media students

DOI:  [Google Scholar]
Opublikowane: 2022-12-22


The article presents the changes taking place in journalism education in Ukraine. The article aims to establish the relevance of the content and evaluation of professional cores of journalism education by participants in the educational process, as well as to rank the students’ interest in educational topics and media areas, explore students’ understanding of the profession of journalism, and necessary changes dictated by time and world order. The method of a pedagogical experiment was used to diagnose the priorities of journalism education in the conditions of intensifying information wars in the media direction, with the help of questionnaires, observations, and a descriptive method. The result of the research is the establishment of journalism education priorities, declared by future specialists in the field of media. Next is a discussion on the study the evolution of journalism education in the context of intensifying information wars and hostilities in Ukraine is in sight.


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