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Privacy Statement

The operator of the website operating under the domain is P.W. Idealit Robert Kryński based in Lublin, Heleny Modrzejewskiej 13, with tax ID number: 7122638150, REGON no: 060483368.  The service operates, or a number of websites are operated on its behalf, of which a select few allow users to register or provide personal information.  Registration may be required to access certain features or promotions.  This Privacy Policy contains information on how the data collected by the Service is used and how to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

All data and information on portal users are subject to legal protection in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, as well as other regulations.  The service administrator and owner of the portal have taken measures to protect them and their privacy.  This document presents the scope and principles of collecting and processing information about the service users.

  1. Scope of data collected and processed.

a) personal data

We collect only the data necessary for the proper performance of the services provided by the Service.  There are two categories of data collected, basic data and enhanced data.  In terms of master data, we only collect and process the following user data:

  • name or name,
  • e-mail address, phone number,
  • ORCID,

these data are not subject to any verification;

extended data (in addition to the above data):

  • residential address,
  • PESEL no,
  • in the case of legal entities, sole proprietors or other organizational units - in addition to the company’s name, address and tax identification number (NIP/VAT).

Provision of the above data is voluntary, but it is necessary to perform a certain category of services provided.

b) computer information (usage data) for statistical purposes

All personal data collected from Users is transmitted to the system using a secure SSL protocol encrypted with a 128-bit key.  This does not apply to the primary data collected.

All information about Users is stored on the Service servers and protected from unauthorized access.  The only people authorized to use this data are employees properly trained by the service owner and authorized by the Information Security Administrator.

  1. We do not share personal data with other entities.

The possible sending of advertising and marketing materials is always subject to the user’s prior consent.  Each user also has the right to opt out of receiving e-mail messages sent by the service.

  1. The user has the right to inspect, correct and delete personal data

On our site, the My Account page is available after logging in, through which you can see your currently entered data, including personal data, in our system.  The data may be deleted from the database.  However, retaining those necessary in accordance with the relevant provisions of Polish law for the performance of the contract or accounting or security purposes.  To delete the data, send an e-mail to Service.  Deletion of data does not apply to the deletion of information that does not contain personal data.  Leaving this data protects the service in case of possible claims (for evidence purposes).

  1. What is the collected information used for?

The Service uses the collected information to operate its sites and to offer through them the information and services you are looking for, including downloadable materials, to handle technical support requests, to send newsletters and marketing information about the Service’s products and services, products and services from selected partners, but only to the extent requested by you or permitted by law.

  1. Cookies

You may encounter cookies on some of the Service’s websites.  A website sends these small text files to your computer to record your online activity.  Cookies may be used to enable better personalization of websites, to improve certain aspects of their use and to record online activities.  You can disable support for these files in your browser settings, but some website features may no longer be available.

The Service reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy.  Users of the site are bound by the current Privacy Policy, available on this page.