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Tom 20 Nr 2 (2012)

Z inspiracji Słowa Bożego i Tradycji

Językoznawcze próby św. Hieronima na podstawie niektórych jego Listów

  • Magdalena Jóźwiak
DOI:  [Google Scholar]
Opublikowane: 04.03.2020


This article for the purpose of presenting linguistic attempts by St. Jerome, in the first section contains a brief biography of this Doctor of the Church together with his heritage and in the second section reveals St. Jerome’s linguistic attempts accompanied by remarks about translating the texts from one language into another. That central point of the article is mostly based on Letter 57 addressed to Pammachius. It is an apology sent to Rufinus of Aquileia, who jeered at St. Jerome, because he allegedly mistranslated a letter from Epiphanius of Salamis to John of Jerusalem. In the days of St. Jerome it was generally considered as a great erudition when one referred to previous authors and argued using passages of their works. Therefore, firstly the arguments derived from Holy Scriptures are specified, then the authority of ancient scholars.


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