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Tom 19 Nr 2 (2011)

Wokół teologi pastoralnej

Przygotowanie do małżeństwa i życia w rodzinie na przykładzie Diecezji Płockiej

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Opublikowane: 19.03.2020


Pope John Paul II clearly stated in his 1981 apostolic exhortation Familiaris consortio, that care for preparing youth for marriage and family life should be the principal pastoral mission of the Church (FC 66). This is a very important issue because the quality of this preparation will greatly determine the quality of their later married and family lives. In Poland, this preparation is achieved in three stages: further preparation, closer preparation and direct preparation. Further preparation begins in childhood within the family. The main aim is for the growing child to have positive models of both motherhood and fatherhood. Only in a family ruled by love can a child develop properly. Closer preparation is intended for youth. This sort of preparation includes Catholic teachings about the family, as well as special pre-marital courses in which knowledge of married and family life is passed on to young people. The final stage, direct preparation, is geared towards engaged couples. It begins three months before their marriage. It includes pre-marital teachings: marital law, liturgical issues, learning about natural family planning methods, individual discussions with a priest as well as all activities related to getting married. The article presents process of preparing for marriage and family life on example of diocese Płock which has introduced new solutions in this range.


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