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Tom 19 Nr 2 (2011)

Wokół teologi pastoralnej

Budować na prawdzie...

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Opublikowane: 19.03.2020


To build on the Truth…, such was the fundamental massage of the Pope John Paul II`s teaching In Olsztyn, where He stayed the 5-6 June 1991. The Pilgrim from Rome arrived to the capital of Warmia and Mazury from Białystok. It was a very strenuous and long pilgrimage of our countryman to his homeland. It consisted of two stages. He came to Olsztyn at the first stage. The sermon He preached to the Poles recaptured the essence of the decalogue. He spoke tere about the VIII commandment: „You shall not Bear false fitness against your neighbour”. The substance of the homily delivered then from the field altar In the vicinity of the „STOMIL” – stadium In Olsztyn reminded us of the God’s order to tell the truth. The Pope stressed that the freedom of speech Carnot be identified with the freedom of the Word. The freedom of public expression of someone`s opinion must be protected as a great social right, but the only speaking about it does not secure the freedom of the word yet. Only Christ gives the man real freedom, for He is the Truth itself. Man must cling to Christ and build on Him as on the Truth, the exact relations with Rother people. The Pope reminded that tere are two ways of freedom: the one brought by Christ and the Rother one – the freedom from Christ chich finaly constrains the man. Only the truth brings the Man freedom, chich is Christ Himself, so – Man should build on Christ, and then his relations with Rother people will be build on Truth.


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