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Vol. 16 No. 1 (2023)


Review of the textbook “Special Administrative Law” under the editorship of Bernd Wieser, Yaroslav Lazur, Tetyana Karabin, and Oleksandr Bilash

DOI:  [Google Scholar]
Published: 2023-06-30


The review concerns the textbook “Special administrative law”, published by the author’s team of the Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine) and the University of Graz (Austria). This is the first textbook on Ukrainian Special administrative law. The review indicates that Special administrative law serves as a fairly new term for Ukrainian juridical science. But this is not just about a transformation in terminology; it is about the establishment of a completely new idea of administrative law. The Special Administrative Law is an approach to the final and irreversible rejection of the Soviet heritage in the content of the national administrative-legal doctrine and its irrevocable orientation to the best European practices.


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