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Tom 24 Nr 27 (2014)


Synod diecezjalny w Kodeksie Prawa Kanonicznego z 1983 roku. Zarys problematyki

DOI:  [Google Scholar]
Opublikowane: 30.06.2014


The article discusses the problem of the diocesan synod in the Code of Canon Law of 1983 and the documents that were issued after the promulgation of the Code: Instruction De synodis dioecesanis agendis and Directory for the Pastoral Ministry of Bishops Apostolorum Successores. The Author begins with the definition and aims of the diocesan synod. The diocesan synod is a group of selected priests and other Christian faithful of a particular Church. The synod offers assistance to the diocesan bishop for the good of the entire diocesan community. The diocesan bishop convokes and presides over the diocesan synod. He also suspends and dissolves it. The diocesan bishop is a sole legislator at the diocesan synod. He is to communicate the texts of the synodal declarations and decrees to the metropolitan and to the conference of bishops. The diocesan bishop transmits a copy of the synodal documentation – through legate of the Roman Pontiff – to the Holy See. The Author pays attention to the fact that the diocesan synod possesses not only consultative competences but also representative and liturgical ones.


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