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Tom 20 Nr 1 (2012)

Historia i Filozofia

Priorytety duszpasterskie w Diecezji Wrocławskiej w pierwszych latach pasterskiej posługi biskupa Adolfa Bertrama (2)

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Opublikowane: 17.03.2020


The end of World War I brought huge changes in a social, political as well as religious life of many societies and nations. Deans of the Prussian part of the diocese of Wroclaw, gathered at a conference in October 1918, discussed the following pastoral issues, which had to be given special attention in the era of great changes: the way of preaching, further education of the clergy, priestly duty in the times of danger, Holy Communion to children, ministry of men in the postwar period with particular emphasis on the pastoral duties towards returning soldiers, duties to the circles of people threatened by the influence of social democracy, further development of the Society of St. Boniface, mixed marriages under the new Code of Canon Law, the liturgy, organization and way of operating of “The Union of Christian Mothers” (“Müttervereine”). This conference brought a lot of valuable pastoral impulses, which were successfully implemented in various dimensions of the impact of the pastoral life on the faithful in the diocese of Wroclaw in the postwar period. Another theme we would like look into are the pastoral letters issued by the Ordinary of Wroclaw, Bishop A. Bertram during the First World War. This subject comprises a valuable contribution to the issues presented above.


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