African Cultural Identity in the light of the Theology of Inculturation

Słowa kluczowe: African ontology, Culture, Inculturation, Worldviews, Traditional Religion, Evangelization, cultural identity, theology of inculturation


Christ’s redemptive work on earth was carried out within human cultural environment and societal experiences. This is the import of the ‘Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us’ (cf. Jn 1:14).  As such, Vatican II Council’s world-church vision suggests an ecclesiology that places much emphasis on the local Church with its cultural tinctures. In other words, the proclamation of the Gospel, involves, in its very nature, the development of a process of “inculturation” since the Gospel cannot be preached in a vacuum. This paper is anchored on the inseparability of human culture from his identity as a person. It therefore posits that proper and more rewarding evangelization of any group of people can be better achieved when such is done from the background of their cultural identity. This is the basis for theology of inculturation which deals with the effort of the Church to integrate the Gospel of Christ within the ambience of different cultural settings. The ideas expressed here come mainly from Igbo cultural background. The concept of African world views sets the tone of the paper.


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