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Transmission of the Faith of the Church/Transmission of the Christian Faith and Modern Media

Jarosław Jan Czerkawski


De-Christianization is a new phenomenon, progressive/ongoing and accelerated in the progressive mode. It brings a set of challenges which should not be ignored, the essence of which amounts to question the Church that possesses the truth of Christ Himself to teach in this truth. Questions are asked whether the Church teaches really this what Christ taught or lives in a way it teaches. We may observe that pagan reaction to the Church wreaks great havoc. Mass media both strengthen and trigger this reaction. A contemporary man is becoming a witness of a dramatic turn, occurred not only in a social reality but primarily in a reality of values. A community as a place where faith is transmitted constitutes an important element of the formation of a human. It is worth pointing out that a human as a social being develops their human qualities in the community. Therefore creating community mechanisms in the media sector to make the transmission of the faith establish within the community. Media are and should be included in the transmission of the faith. They will play a significant role in building the faith in Jesus Christ in the world.

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catechesis, catechism, the media, the message of faith

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