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Tom 20 Nr 1 (2012)

Historia i Filozofia

Dusza i ciało jako integralne składowe ludzkiego bytu. Stanowisko metafizyki realistycznej

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Opublikowane: 17.03.2020


From the beginning of the world, human beings formed a great cognitive mystery for themselves. The turning point in the search for an answer concerning human nature was the discovery of spiritual and physical elements which constitute the nature of a human being. After some time, classical philosophy gave us kind of knowledge which became “a key” which helps us understand its uniqueness in the created world. This fact allows us to perceive human being as a psychophysical unity and connection between two most basic elements of existence, and also as a creation in whose animating and organizing elements (soul) inextricably connect with organic matter (then “the body” is formed). In this way it creates complete human substance. Despite the metaphysical perfection of the soul, only the body can be assumed as a space-time continuum of the human person. The body allows the human being to exist “here and now” and to the express the human soul outside. And it is not only a necessary reason but also the main cause of the creation of soul by God.


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