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Tom 25 Nr 1 (2017)

Teologia pastoralna i nauka społeczna

Teoria a historia: relacje między wolnością a religią. Wstęp do analizy wybranych kwestii

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Opublikowane: 22.10.2019


This article is an attempt to analyze and interpretative of relations between freedom and the religion. Author discuss a main threat to the freedom and the religion, which is an absolutistic power. This article focus on positions of the English Philosopher in person of Lord Acton, and also a representatives of the Austrian School. Author pointed out, that in the sphere of the philosophy of theAustrian School key representatives of this economic and social school like Murray Rothbard, used a methodology, tools and historical perspective of Lord Acton. Representatives of the Austrian Schools shows, that Roman Catholic Church has a positive and significant role in the promotion of personal liberties in the sphere of political history and also economic and social theory. Despites of the agnostic beliefs and Jewish origins of Rothbard, he was a scientific defender of history and philosophy of Fathers of the Church, and used Thomistic concepts of natural law and rational ethics in his own libertarian theory. Author pay a special attention to interpretative a history of political thought and philosophy of Middle Ages, especially in the sphere of defense of personal liberties and also the critic of absolutistic power in the political actions and political theory.


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